Sunday, July 25, 2010

Try Not to Get Mauled would be the time where I share a beautiful picture of a finished product of something that I have contrived out of nothing. However, here lies a finished product of a different nature. This, up the end of a cake. This is the beautiful end to a Teddy Bear Cake. The head is still fairly recognizable. But, I will show you this frightful sight came to be.

It all started with this absolutely adorable pan. It's Build-a-Bear brand. How wonderful? I had to have it. It helped that mom told me I had to have it too....and her checkbook told me I had to have it as well ;)

After some sifting..............

A pound cake bear was ready to go into the oven (here insert your FAVORITE pound cake recipe. Any will do, I promise.

Whip up some glue (Aka hold the bear together)

Whisk a little chocolate glaze together.

Now, you too can see why I needed to have this. The best part? The recipe is on the box. Go get that Build a Bear Teddy Bear pan! (aka get it in google) It's so easy. Anyone can do it! Need to wow someone...a cake is so much better than flowers..chocolate...or even $1000.

But then, the dreadful moment came. My mother turned to me and said, "Lauren, those lips are really creepy." FINE MOM!!!! So these lips are actually different from the final product. But you know what...I don't even care. I'm embracing the creepy lipped bear.

So here is the gift-ee. My cousin Palmer. It was actually for her AND her sister. There birthdays are quite close and what a better way to celebrate then with a cake!

And then, the picture. The picture that describes the most wonderful part of one of my cakes..the destruction. She had quite the time of her life disecting the cake. She was very close to sawing off a few fingers at various points of Palmer with the knife. She also enjoyed taking off every single fondant decoration on the cake. It was great. I think she would have consumed the whole thing....if I wouldn't have taken the knife due to the fact that I wanted a piece. I WANTED A PIECE REAL BAD! I got it. I got two actually :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chip Fries

Potatoes! Mmm....I love potatoes. I love them in just about any form: stuffed, baked, fried, mashed, caked.....anything. They are just plain good. So, I see them in the cupboard....and I decided that I needed to make something out of them!
So, I thought that I should probably makes some chips. didn't really go as went better. Looking all around I realized that there was no canola or veggie oil to be had. After a mini temper tantrum, I realized that there WAS Extra Virgin olive went for it. What a fabu-lash idea! Then, I tried to slice and dice them reallly thin...but I couldn't do it. So...behold....the CHIP FRY! In case that name isn't self-explanatory, let me map it out for you: chip+fry=chip fry. Still not getting it? Ok, imagine that you are eating a french fry and a chip at the name time. Got it? Well I'm not explaining it anymore.....

So, I know you are probably all so excited about these slices of heaven that you need to make them right now. You can.....
Chip Fries
Items Needed:
  • How ever the many amount of potatoes you have on hand
  • How ever the much of canola/veggie/EVOO oil you have on hand
  • (Are you grasping how ridiculously easy this is?)
  • Common Sense
  • A pan
  • Knowledge of how to turn the heat on
  1. Wash, peel, and slice potatoes in medium to thin slices.
  2. Turn the stove heat on medium-low.
  3. Heat up about 1/4-1/2 cup oil in a large sauce-pan.
  4. Cook until lightly browned on either side. (Approximately 7 minutes)
  5. Scoop out of the oil and place onto paper towells.
  6. Enjoy RIGHT away...or they might taste like cold french fries.
Hmmm...Does Nicole like the chips? Is she thinking about liking the chips? Or, is she confused whether it is a chip or a fry? Some things we will never know.

Ok good. Lauren DEFINITELY likes them. Or she's lying to make me happy. Eh..doesn't really matter either way ;)
Oh by the all better be voting for my Emmy Cupcake!! Keep voting until July 28th. ONCE A DAY!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010


We all know Duncan Hines! Right? (Thank you Google Images) Well, good. I need you help. There is this amazingly awesome contest that is amazingly wonderful and I want to win! Duncan Hines has teamed up with the Emmy's and sent out a request for the most wonderful cupcake recipe. Now, this is definitely an opportunity that a girl like myself can not resist.

The winners are based on votes, though. So that is why I beg of your help! I beg, I'm actually on my hands and knees with my hands clasped together right now. Please vote for my cupcake. Scroll down and you can find out how. But first......the prizes :)

Thank you again Duncan Hines for the picture. Anyway, CAN YOU SEE WHAT THAT SAYS? My cupcakes could be served at the Emmy's!!!!!!!! WHAT!??? And....A TRIP TO THE EMMYS!!!!!!!!!!! Now will you vote for me!? I'll get you a picture of Justin Beiber! hahaha.

Ok, so now, let me get to the good stuff. I should probably actually show you a picture of my cupcake before you go crazy and vote for me ;)

Behold, my new masterpiece....the Chocolate Covered PB & Pretzel Cupcake. The perfect combination of sweet peanut butter and chocolate combined with the saltiness of pretzel. Oh my goodness gracious. I feel bad for my poor father whom had to suffer through at least 29 hours of pain while I made him hold off from taking one. I had to get my pictures taken!

Unfortuntately, my central air broke in my house. Perfect, it's like clock-work. Crappy things always happen to you when they shouldn't! So, in the midst of taking pictures and decorating these priceless gems, I had to keep sticking them back into the fridge because they melted.
Thank you house. Thank you for being consistent with your 85 degree temperature.

Luckily, I got some yummy-licious shots with what I had.

Now that you have seen the goods. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please vote for my cuppy-cake. I can only win if you vote! Go! Vote! Please! Every day!
and if that doesn't open you directly to my entry, then try to find it at this address:
Ready. Set. GO!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

1st Annual Roast and Toast

Ok. So I have come to the realization that wherever these two boys are's trouble. Trouble in so many ways. Just thought that I would get that out there before I decided to proceed.

We decided to have a Roast and Toast. Definition would be that we wanted to roast and toast unusual things. Edible, of course, but unusual. After a trip to the grocery store (and $65 later :/),
we mamaged to purchase a whole schlew of things that could be easily roasted with the fire's glowing warmth. Yet, somehow, we felt that mountain pies were a must. Behold, the finest mountain pies to ever grace your computer's screen.
First off, we are all well aware that it is imperative to butter the outside pieces of bread before placing them in the mountain pie maker. Well, we though spray butter would be ridiculously effective (and 0 calories a squirt). However, after an 1/8 of an inch of pure ash on out mountain pies, spray butter was out, and real butter was in. I'm just warning you for your future spray butter ventures...don't do it.

The second mountain pie, pizza edition. We have discovered something heavenly. Have you ever been to Carraba's? You know, that delicious Italian restaurant that has heavenly foccacia and dipping oil with spices. Well, I have found the spices. Thanks to Jeff Crossgrove for enlightening me about this subject. Go to Weis, purchase the McCormick Italian Seasoning Grinder. Place it on absolutely everything you eat. It will change your life.

Jared decided that instead of letting the second mountain pie to become ash again, that keeping an eye on it wouldn't be a bad idea. I, on the other hand, was so paranoid about it burning again....that I just opened it up every 24 seconds. But, it paid off......scroll down a little more

Oh, no, keep going. (This is Jared's mountain pie fail)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mountain pie heaven. Do you see how perfectly golden those edges are. Sourdough bread kissed with light mayo, Italian Seasoning, fat free cheese, and brown sugar ham. I want to eat these in heaven one day....and be the envy of all mountain pie rookies.

And then, the fun started. Carmelized Swedish Fish anyone? Jared made me do it.

But the mother of all concoctions that we attempted was this. Swedish Fish Fire Jelly.
It sucks.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Festive For the Fourth

I love lemonade stands. When I think of them, I often thinking of my childhood aspirations to run a lemonade stand and somehow make hundreds of dollars. Two things. One, I never made a lemonade stand due to the un-accessible location of my home. and...two. The fact that I never had a lemonade stand also means that I didn't make hundreds of dollars.

So other than the lemonade stand being a fail for me, Nicole decided that she needed to partake in this legendary money maker. I was game. But, the really nifty thing about it was that she decided that she was going to donate the money the Cancer Society in honor of her mom. (Nicole is the sweetest thing ever)

But then, Nicole uttered the most beautiful words ever to come out of a child's mouth. "We need to make cupcakes." Have I mentioned that I love Nicole. See, Cupcakes and me are like root beer and vanilla ice Sunny and Michael Jackson and awkward child rumors. So, I thought we would go all out for the cupcakes..I's July 4th!

So, we died the funfetti batter blue. You can do it too. If you have 38 drops of blue food too can make these fun-colored cakes of wonder.

But first, you MUST start with cute cupcake wrappers. You see, this part is essential. Why? Well, if you place the cupcakes in beautiful liners, the flavor of beauty will transfer onto the cupcake...and's just what you are supposed to do.

Look how cute they turned out. I baked them as normal...just blue.....and festive!

Then, the best part....decoration. Nicole wasn't fond of the term "pastry bag," (after her 5th or 6th cupcake) so I let her sprinkle-ize while I piped. We had a pretty good system going.

Look how beautiful they turned out! Now, I bet you are wondering what fabul-ash icing I used. Well, I stumbled upon this wonderful recipe called Dunkin Hines in a can. The flavor is undescribable ;)

Look at her. Isn't she the cutest thing ever. (And look at our fancy-schmancy lemonade)
Happy 4th of July!
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