Monday, June 28, 2010

Princesses and Piggies

This cake really puts me on a high of life. I mean, let's disects the wonderful parts of this cake. Lets start at the very beginning, which as we know (thanks to the beautiful Julie Andrews), the beginning is a delightful place to start.

The cake itself is a creamy vanilla layer cake, filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry fruit filling. It's kind of like a chunk of heaven. A chunk of heaven that I would be MORE than willing to sink my teeth into.

The next part of this cake is obviously the theme. I mean, look at it. I've never made a cake so pink in my life. And since my family calls me the "princess," I'm obviously going to take a liking to this.

The third part (and most important) is the top of the cake. As you can probably use your eyes to see, the top of the cake is not covered in pink frosting. That would be pink sanding sugar. Yes, I did purchase a whole container of hot pink sanding sugar, and yes....I DID pour it ALL on. I'm not ashamed of it either. I would do it again in a heart beat. Actually, if I would do it over...I would probably pour two on (hehe...I'm so bad!)

And of course, it wouldn't be a princess cake without my famous chocolate tiara! That's like peanut butter without the jelly....or Blake without a Volvo...or me without an attitude (thats what me daddy would say ;)

Unfortunately, the crown melted, and was unable to be presented with the cake. Luckly, they still got to munch on the broken crown......I would have been slightly saddened if the would have left chocolate go to waste. You know, it's kind of like gold.

Fit for a Princess....or someone who wishes to severely spike their blood sugar.

And Mr. Piggly Wiggly. He is the delightful friend of Miss Jessickah Bishop. (who the cake was actually made for) He enjoys long walks on the beach and light spring weather. His favorite afternoon snack is brushetta dizzled with olive oil. He's a friendly big with a pig heart...and many jobs.

Spy Piggy by night, he ventures around the world working for Babe. (You know...the famous pig)

King Piggy by day. He is a just a caring ruler. All of his subjects hold him in high regards. He only has one rule that the kingdom must abide by......cake will be served at every meal. I like him already ;)
Hmmm....take a look at Piggy. He's trying to act like he's really not that important. Or, maybe he's frightened at the fact that Jessickah is attempting to leap aross the room, possible at the expense of his very life? I guess some things we will never know.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hail King Jared's..........Cake

The time has come for the King to depart from High School. So the only proper way for Jared Smith to properly be escorted out of his kingdom was with a cake from Miss Cupcake. I mean, it's my normal reaction to important events such as this.

Deciding how to make Jared's cake was quite a danting task, I must tell you. There were so many important aspects of his senior year that NEEDED to be showcased. So, I just decided to show them ALL! This is usually how I do things, over the top that is.

But, the most important aspect of the cake was most definitely the chocolate crown. One of the most painful and saddening, yet rewarding things. The crown broke on me three times before I even got to taken pictures. Then, as the last break was taking place, my dad walked I was weeping. But it all worked out.
At the party, Jared's dad really thought that he should show everyone the cake. I couldn't believe how he swung the cake around to show everyone without breaking the crown. It was practically a miracle. I thought that maybe the crown had become indestructable...until Jared tried to pick it up...and it shattered to the ground...hehehe....and he almost I really think he did....
And now that I probably have everyone confused about the objects on this cake, take a look at this "map" of Jared's will soon make sense, don't fret.

A Day at the Farm

A Day at the Farm. Now, this may seem a bit "out of my comfort zone." To tell you the truth, it really was. Picking berries, seeing cows, and smelling goats....not exactly my idea of fun. But, it was berry picking day for my girls and I. My girls being the ones that I babysit. Lauren and Nicole. They really enjoyed it...and the good thing was.....I had all day to think of what to make with the delicous fruit that we retrieve.

Lauren (above) really didn't grasp the idea of "picking." Eating was more her preference. Do you see that pink blob hanging from the basket? Well, Lauren's pet. It's name is JJ. Don't ask me any more questions, because I can't answer them.

And then, there we our hands. They were covered in blue goo. If I had known this I would have taken them to the grocery store and we would have bought the 2 for 1 special fresh from California. Now, I guess I'm being a poor sport. I hung in there.
And we got a few fresh zuchini, if that's how you spell it. I did learn something fairly educational though. This veggie actually has flowers growing on the end of it.

And then, there was this. Goat berries. Yes, a new hybrid version of blueberries with a hint of goat flavoring. So, actually I'm fibbing a little. This is actually crap. Goat crap. Yeah, I'm thinking exactly what you are thinking. Not something that I appreciate very much. But, is that a sin?
So the lady from the farm thought it would be real cute to bag dried goat poop and give it to Nicole's dad as a gagg gift. Now I don't know about you, but I want to gagg just thinking about that. On the way home I made sure that the poop stayed in the trunk and no-where close to me. It's still on the back porch at Nicole's house...and I'm not touching it.

We also stumbled upon some sour cherries. Oh my were they delicious. Kind of like eating candy...only about 234 times better for you.

And then, we had all of these beautiful berries. Lauren, what will you do with them? Oh blueberry, blueberry, don't be blue. Don't be blue, I'll make something out of you!

AHHHHH HAH! Out of the three cookbooks that Nicole's house had, I found this, captured it, and made it. So, the great thing to can benefit from this! Thank you Betty for this delicious way to make our visit to the farm actually worth while. Oops did I say that ;)

After gathering all of the ingredients, I got to work....

And.......waahhlah~ Blueberry muffins. Fresh, warm, and delcious. I actually, at this point, felt ridiculously proud of myself. I had just taken fruit, from where it grew, and made something from it. I felt like I was feasting on my harvest. The only problem, 95% of the ingredients I had bought from the grocery store......oh well.

Nicole also gave me her sign of approval. Which means, that we did a job well done. (PS.....her silly band is a lime. I thought that you guys were curious)

Monday, June 14, 2010

God's Breakfast Table: Cape May

Before we go any further speaking about what you have just seen above, I need to lay down the ground rules of what I am going to reveal to you. This, is the best restaurant in the world. Now, you can think that it's just my opinion, but it's can be wrong.

Cape May, New Jersey is home to many fine eating establishments. Also, it's my favorite place on a long shot. It's beautiful. Victoriant, small, and amazing food *that's usually why I like a place*

Mad Batter on Jackson Street. I would recommend this only if you are prepared to feast upon God's breakfast, that is the best pancakes I have ever eaten in my life.

It is so hard to decide for others, such as Torey and my mother.....but I never have trouble at Mad Batter.

Here is the sign. The beautiful yellow and blue theme carried out in the restaurant really makes me want to jump up and down....oh wait....I did do that...

Here. Here they are. I'm going to pause just for a moment so you can really think about what these pancakes have done for my life............................................................................................................................................................................................
If these pancakes arn't in heaven....I might need to have a talking with the big man himself.

Now, I must level with you. Two significant things happened during my time at this restaurant. One. When my mother told the waitress that it was my birthday, the girl asked how old I was. I proceeded to tell her that I was 19. She, very quickly might I add, stated that she didn't think I looked as old as I did. Unfortunately, story of my life
Now the second. I, being the over-obsessed blueberry pancake eater...had a hearty appetite for these delicious circles of moistness.
So, I ate....and ate....and ate. More than I can actually remember eating in my entire life spand. But the accomplishment that I must not that I ate a lot of food (which I most definitely did), but that I ate more than Jared. Yes, I take pride in the fact that I weigh a teeny bit more than half of what he does. So, I'm pretty proud of myself. Here is a picture documentary of a few of the last bites (which weren't as easy as I thought)
The cute little syrup canisters were amazing (as you can see I liked them a little tooo much...I have three of them sitting in front of me ;)

The joy that blueberry pancakes bring to me is unmatchable.

Savoring those last bites wasn't a hard task to me. Oh..want to know what happened to the pancakes that Jared couldn't finish. Well, I took them back to the hotel, wrapped them up in the plastic that covers the plastic cups in a hotel room...and put them in the cooler. It was such a great idea until I went to eat them last night...and something had grown on them..or attached to them. I don't know what it was...but I actually started sobbing as I threw them into the waste can. I have trouble talking about it actually.

Best time, best friends, best food. Cape May is my true love.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chocolate Chip Clusters With a Side of Graduation

Ok, so these look like crap. Well kind of like a pile of crap on a chip. But even with this slightly disturbing thought in the back of your must bear with me here. These are wonderful.

See, I never thought that I would end up making "chip clusters." I means, I have seen chocolate covered chips before....but these are the next step in the chocolate chip frenzy. (Yes..these are going to be big!)

So, I had some left over chocolate after making some graduation cake balls for Jarebear. So the only thing that I had near me were some Middlesworth chips. So, it was only natural for me to not waste the chocolate. I's chocolate we are talking about here.

I took some big chips...and set them down on some parchment paper. Then I crushed up some chips and swirled them in with the chocolate. And I though....ahhh HAH! Chocolate chips clusters on chips! It's brilliant...or at least I thought so!

Chocolate Chip Clusters
  • chips
  • melting chocolate
  1. Place large, flat chips on parchment paper about 1/2 inch apart.
  2. Crush up some chips and mix with some melted chocolate (the mixture shouldn't be runny)
  3. Place a spoonfull of the mixture on top of each chip. Let set.
  4. Cover with sprinkles, sugar, or icing....and MUNCH!
and was how the chip clusters became born. I had extra chocolate left over from making those de---licious cake balls for Jared...and a cake. I's me. I couldn't just ..not make him a's me...that would or something. I got lots of compliments....but above all....I've heard my cake is pretty moist..which is a good thing. Speaking of compliments...I have gotten some pretty weird ones over the past couple months...I will share:

After sampling some of my frosting, a man uttered "Can I please marry you?" Let me also point out that this man is married. He also tried to clear the air by adding. "Oh...Oh..I mean only for your food."

Thanks....I feel so loved.

After eating all of my treats at Jared's house..a friend of Jared's sister aparently wants to move in with me....again...just for the cooking.

I'm glad that people love me for more than my food ;)

I can't share any more...they just make me feel so insecure about myself...haha...what a joke.

Happy Graduation Jared! Thanks for being my culinary inspiration!
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