Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What really happens at youth group

Just by the looks of this picture, you know it can't be good. This is an excellent representation of what really happens at youth group.

Now it's time for a story. Once there was a youth group, who loved to eat. Then, a big party caused there to be a surplus of candy for this said youth group. The candy distracted the youth group and caused their creative juices to flow. And here, my friends, are two of said youth group's delightful creations. I might have helped a little. Ok, I actually tend to be the reason for bunny trails. Ok, I'm a walking bunny trail.

However, before introducing what your eyes will soon behold, I must warn you....this is intense. Candy mixing is taboo by some, uncalled for by others. The melding of two delicious flavors might be difficult for one to grasp. Bear with me.

First we shall dive deep into the world of the Tootsie Roll. A brown, pliable, and delicious substance, it is best when paired with something sweet and tart. Behold, the Smartie Roll Bomb.

Hand model-Jared Smith. His model profile is available on He is in high demand, but if you act now, I will ship him to you for free with three easy payments of 29.99. Guys, it's a deal.

What's with the shiny-ness? Well, let me help you grasp the concept. Lot's of high school boys rolling chocolate in their sweaty hands. Yeah, just be glad you weren't conned into trying one.

Next, we have the Uh-oh tootsie pop. It's a great idea actually. Just roll out the tootsie roll...

( Again with the shiny-ness) Then form the tootsie roll over top of the lollipop.

Voila! Uh-oh Tootsie Pop. Do you have any fun candy creations? If so, let me know!


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