Saturday, July 10, 2010


We all know Duncan Hines! Right? (Thank you Google Images) Well, good. I need you help. There is this amazingly awesome contest that is amazingly wonderful and I want to win! Duncan Hines has teamed up with the Emmy's and sent out a request for the most wonderful cupcake recipe. Now, this is definitely an opportunity that a girl like myself can not resist.

The winners are based on votes, though. So that is why I beg of your help! I beg, I'm actually on my hands and knees with my hands clasped together right now. Please vote for my cupcake. Scroll down and you can find out how. But first......the prizes :)

Thank you again Duncan Hines for the picture. Anyway, CAN YOU SEE WHAT THAT SAYS? My cupcakes could be served at the Emmy's!!!!!!!! WHAT!??? And....A TRIP TO THE EMMYS!!!!!!!!!!! Now will you vote for me!? I'll get you a picture of Justin Beiber! hahaha.

Ok, so now, let me get to the good stuff. I should probably actually show you a picture of my cupcake before you go crazy and vote for me ;)

Behold, my new masterpiece....the Chocolate Covered PB & Pretzel Cupcake. The perfect combination of sweet peanut butter and chocolate combined with the saltiness of pretzel. Oh my goodness gracious. I feel bad for my poor father whom had to suffer through at least 29 hours of pain while I made him hold off from taking one. I had to get my pictures taken!

Unfortuntately, my central air broke in my house. Perfect, it's like clock-work. Crappy things always happen to you when they shouldn't! So, in the midst of taking pictures and decorating these priceless gems, I had to keep sticking them back into the fridge because they melted.
Thank you house. Thank you for being consistent with your 85 degree temperature.

Luckily, I got some yummy-licious shots with what I had.

Now that you have seen the goods. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please vote for my cuppy-cake. I can only win if you vote! Go! Vote! Please! Every day!
and if that doesn't open you directly to my entry, then try to find it at this address:
Ready. Set. GO!


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