Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don't be Such a Drama Queen!

What a weekend! Really, I don't think that I have ever been more stressed than this! But you know what? It's all ok. So, I'll give you a little tour of what I've been up to ;)

Thursday. Bear Cake Due
Friday. Work on Les Mis Cake and Film for Cake Boss
Saturday: Les Mis Cake Due and Films Uploaded for Cake Boss
Sunday-Tuesday: American Idol Auditions

Yes, I am crazy.

Let's start with one of my most favoritest cakes ever. The Les Mis cake. The cake was for the Williamsport Area Community Theatre who happened to be presenting Les Miserables. Now, lets get one thing strait. I have never seen this musical, nor have I ever desired to see it, nor have I ever dreamed of making a Les Mis themed cake. It haunted me for weeks. But, I finally thought of something.

I decided I would go with the Playbill on the bottom, and stage-like setting on the top.

So, you didn't think that I would make this gigantic cake without tricking it out with some fancy-schmancy Miss Cupcake-themed attire. I think I did Miss Cupcake justice.

And I couldn't just lead you on to thinking that I didn't include cupcakes in the whole cake making process. That would just be heathen of me.

Then there was my diva bear cake for a cute little 7 year old who was going to Build-a-Bear for her birthday party.

Oh, and no.....I didn't put lips on it. (Due to my prior problems with the like)
Now, I will tell you about Cake Boss. I applied for this new show on TLC. It's like a Cake Boss competition show...but that's really all I know! But, I got a look, and I was asked to send in tapes to audition. Some of them are quite comical. Here are the links. You must watch the "Stump the Baker" game show. It's kind of the best thing ever.
(If you are short on time...or don't want to hear me blabbering about cake crap for minutes at a time.....ONLY WATCH THE 4TH LINK ABOVE! )

Then there was American Idol. A WHOLE BIG different story. These are actually just our wristbands. (Mine is the red one). This gives me a seat number and a right to audition. Auditions aren't for another two days. I can't even begin to imagine what I will see. I wonder if the sights will scar me for life? Probably....but I think it will be worth it.

But, I've definitely come to a conclusion. This show should be called American Idiot. (As overheard by a lady at the registration today.) I mean, just look at all of us in line....we really are.

Tid bit of philospophy also heard in line. "American Idol is like a horse race. All of your hopes and dreams are lost within an instant."

That was the most encouraging thing I have heard all day :)


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