Thursday, August 12, 2010

Christmas in August

I can understand how you could be confused by the above picture. I mean it IS August! But, that's ok. See, my kids (that I nanny) decided that Christmas in August would be a good thing. I'm pretty sure that they were in it for the gifts.

I took it as a grand opportunity to get rid of alot of crap. Luckily, they didn't think it was. Well, it was nice crap. :) And yes, a blow up palm tree WAS out Christmas Tree. Be jealous.
Of course I had to make Christmas Dinner. I mean, it was Christmas, naturally that just flows. So, ham balls with a brown-sugar mustard glaze, baked corn casserole, and baked pineapple stuffing. Pretty much all of my family's super secret family recipes. But not really. If you want one of those recipes....I'm sure I can help you out. Maybe.

To end, some brownie bites. I'm pretty sure the 12 year old ate 9. After a hearty Christmas meal. Oh how I love the appetites of growing boys. It helps my bicarious eating through others disorder ;) WOULD NOT be Christmas without gingerbread houses....or graham cracker houses. So, we got to work. It was quite a journey...and let me tell you. My girls are SO creative!! I'm going to have to give you a detailed photo journal of their WILL be blown away.

Let's start with Lauren.

Hehehe, I couldn't resist. It's Christmas....Rudolf needed to come into play SOMEWHERE!

Behold! The candy land factory. It even has hard-wood floors and two full baths. Ample living space and a spacious kitchen. This house is a steal for someone looking to start a family. Starting price if $170,000.

Let's move to Niki. Her a bit more..........large. (Just like her spunk ;)

Second floor? You are living large Nicole. You are living large.

Third floor. She does mean business.

Candy Land Castle. Impressive view overlooking a moutain side. Beautiful gardens, two indoor pools, twelve bedrooms, 10 full baths. Full stocked library, gym, indoor movie theatre, summer kitchen, five fire places. A pefect place to ensure your financial instability. Starting at 2.9 Million. Not bad, ehh?

And then there is my humble abode. Just a cute little cottage. Meant for one person, this house is ideal for the typical "cat lady." (If only my brother was a girl) ;) This would be the perfect dwelling place for him. Starting at $110,000, this cozy cottage has an adjacent 8 car garage. Yes Blake, stop drooling now.

My girls asked me what was next. Halloween in August was mentioned. Oh the possibilities. Have I told you that I love my job? :)


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