Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Super-Bowl Ball

The story. Yes, there is always a story for every single cake that I made/make. The reason I made this cake was, of course, because of a hopping super bowl pajama party. But, it was even more of a selfish reason than that. I, Lauren Elsasser, was hungry for cake. Really hungry. So, I made my favorite...strawberry vanilla with my magnolia you blame me?

There were a few stumbling blocks along the way. First of all, I had actually made two logos. One saints and one colts. But, I soon realized that I was cheering for the colts (when the saints logo came crashing to the ground and broke into multiple pieces) so...GO COLTS. (Even thought that didn't end to well for me..oops) By the way...the colts emblem I made out of chocolate (blue-colored vanilla melting wafers). I melted the chocolate and put it into a ziploc bagged and snipped the end of. Then I "drew" a horseshoe and coated it with blue sanding sugar. Then, I attached little white edible beads to complete the logo.
Also, I kind of shooved randomn pieces of cake into a "football-ish" shape. Yes, there were a few bumps and lumps, but I tried to manage.
The fondant was died brown and all of the other little details were cut out from white fondant.
What a yummy brown glob of sugary goodness. Actually, I still have some in the refrigerator....excuse me for one moment.


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