Sunday, March 28, 2010

ACDC for me!

Let me just tell you...I was so PUMPED about this cake. I've always desired to bring out my inner "rocker chick." I'm sure with lots of practice, a bottle of black hair dye, and a sparkly microphone....I'd be all over the rocker chick identity.

Until then, I figured that I would just do this cake. See, the cake was for a 16th birthday cake. Plus, it was for a girl...which made it waaaay better. I just can't even wait for you to see it! Read on, read on!

First off we started with some mini cuppycakes. I just love minis so I practically stress everyone to choose them. I mean, it's the perrrfect dessert! (Complete with silver dragee-which I must share with you something....the dragees arn't actually edible hehe...but Blake tried one and said that they tasted like we went with it....shhh!)
A few normal sized cupcakes! How cute are they! Complete with ACDC "record" decorations. They were made out of fondant, in case you were wondering.

So, I have made a resolution. I've decided that I need to give Miss Cupcake a trademark. I've found hot pink bakery boxes online...and I'm kind of obsessed with zebras. So, the hot pink box and the zebra ribbon!! Woo, I think it's a hit!
And my lovely ACDC cake!! All decorations are made of black fondant. Which, by the way, is a PAIN in the behind to dye. Then, sanded all the cute little decorations with some silver dust (actually edible haha). Lastly wrapped a cutey petutey zebra ribbon around the edges! Love it, love it, love it. I feel "rockier" already!

Happy 16th birthday Abby! Hope you loooved your cake. PS it was creamy vanilla with Magnolia buttercream! WOO!


Anonymous said...

PS..that was even ACDC sheet music!!

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