Friday, March 12, 2010

Queen For a Day Cake

Yay! Queen for a day!! We all need that once in a while! So, you know that I just loooove baking cute little packages of joy for people! I recieved this lovely opportunity to bake a "queen cake" for a lady from a lady at my church (a bit confusing I know).

Anyway...I saw this absolutely adorable cake on the internet a bit a go, and right on top there was this adorable little tiara.....made out of CHOCOLATE! Yes, it's true!! The combination of everything wonderful..chocolate, pink, and queenship. I couldn't pass this not I!
So I started off with some cutie pie mini cupcakes for the "queen!"

Ok, I'll tell you how I made it now. I would love to keep my tiara tricks a secret....but isn't it better if I share them with you! Actually, I lied...I'm gonna keep it a secret...hehe
Complete with a cute little ribbon!


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