Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Think I'm Bleeding Sugar Cystals

I think I'm bleeding sugar cystals. Day number two was even more fabu-lash than the first. I know, I'm not sure how in the world it could top day #1 but somehow it did. So, what better to start off the morning than with a deliciously nutritious breakfast of orange juice.............and a plate of candy. Well, you see, I thought that i would stick with the candy was only fair to the Candy Atmosphere of the show.

Yes, it is. That is MARC SUMMERS! He is the host of the Food Network Show Unwrapped...which I am partially obsessed with. The only problem with this lecture? We had to wake up at 5 freaking 45 in the morning. But, it was all worth it. He is an amazing lecturer...if that is even a word. He was sweet and down to earth.

Yes! I got a picture with him! Thank you to my mother who shoved our way through the crowd to make sure we got a picture. Then, she had one of my "blog-cards" with her. After completely emabrrassing my face mother tried to tell him that everyone tells me I should have my own food network show. Oh my dear mother....... Although, this picture is definitey a highlight of my life.
Could this really be happening to me? I really don't think this is real. How am I here? I'm loving it. I'm loving life. Oh, and Marc Summers said that you need to send a letter to a famous person who you want advice from. Guess what? My Paula Deen letter just sent out on Monday! Woo! Points for me!
Today was a day of wonderful things: including.......cocktails! Oh yes....the sweet sweets rewards of candy expos! Free cocktails! WOoOOooOO! Ok so that is actually a stretch of the truth. See, we actually went BACK up to Hello Cupcake's table. Luckily, today they were making cupcake cocktails. I'm pretty sure if this didn't have my name written all over it...then nothing in the world does.

Arn't these just the cutest things you have ever seen. I'm quite partial to the pink, if you can't tell. I just decied that I'm having a cupcake cocktail consider yourself invited. We will hav a grand ole' time sipping...or biting...or shoving. The last is probably my preference.

So I'm guessing you can now tell whos is whos. My mother was just so proud of her little cocktail. And, I must say....that I was thoroughly impressed. The only glitch? Well, she dipped the rim in about 17x as much sticky karo syrup as needed. The result? Well, lets just say that we had a little coconut path all the way to our next destination. Again mom...nice....try....hehe.

So, obviously I'm going to share pictures of the floor of the candy show with you, but you'll just have to be a little bit patient. For now, I'll just show you the goods or the benefits if you will. This, my just the goodies we picked up today...yes JUST TODAY!

Close view of today's goods. Now, if you see something in particular that you would immensly desire...just let me know because a few options might present you. Number one, I will have already consumed it (like those Anderson pretzel twists). Number two, I do desire it so the chances of me giving it to you are very bleak. Or, Number three, I'm feeling nice and decide to share. The third option will be rare, but there is a chance you can benefit from this expo of deliciousness too.

And then, I felt that itwas ridiculously necessary that I would take a picture of both day's samples together. Well, lets just say that it was about 6 inches deep the whole length of the bed. Not shy of about 45 pounds. I've never been so happy for extra weight in a suitcase.


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