Thursday, May 27, 2010

View From Heaven...and a Taste From it too!

Chicago. I love it. I'm in love with this city...more importantly..I'm in love with their food. They are friendly, the streets are cleaned, and more than one statue I have seen is adorned in Black Hawks aparrel (quite disturbing actually). I love it.

Mommy and I had one night left in the city so we thought we would become historically knowleged in all things Chicago. What better than taking a top-open bus? We ran as fast as we could to catch it, and then realized that we practically had the tour all to was wonderful.

Heres the catch to all of these pictures. You might notice a trend. I'll see if you can pick it up. Well, you see, mom and I were playing this game yesterday at the candy expo and if you shot these beanie bags into this hole then you got a special prize. My beanie bag skills were lacking, but of course, Mom won. So, the prize was this lovely football...and we thought that it should accompany us on our traveling excursions throughout the city...and be present in all of our pictures, so bear with me.

And this ,my friends, was our tour bus. It was fury on the outside and it felt very soft. I liked it alot. It made me feel like a wild cheetah or something.

Then after the tour bus, the tour guide told us that we had to go on top of the sears tower. Now, I'm not one for I was hesitant. But, we figured that we had to do it since we were in chcago. So we did. Football was very pleasant. But, he was so scared looking out that window...that he didn't say anything.

And then, I did the most freightening thing that I have ever done. They just put these clear boxes on the side of the tower so you can look like you are stepping on mid air. It was ridiculous. My mom barely stepped on for two seconds before she got scarred. I had to take football on this excursion to the box. Look at him, it's like he's floating 1 mile above the city. He could hardly take it.

Last stop, but the most important,was dinner. I decided that since I was in Chicago...I HAD to eat some Chicago style pizza. They are known for it...and I needed to do it. I mean, the theory of the deep dish stuffed pizza was ridiculously good in my eyes. So, we picked the original. Pizzeria Uno. However, there was like an 8 hour line so we went to their sister restaurant Pizzeria Due, which had the same menu and was like 8 jumps away from Uno.

People, I'll never be the same after eating that eight inch heigh slice of deliciousness. It was the most unique thing that I've ever tasted. The cheese is on the bottom then the meat/onions/peppers, then the sauce. It was sweet-tasting. The tomatoes were whole and the crust tasted like a sweet butter biscuit.
I'm telling you this is one of those things that I'm going to crave when I can't get it. After about 10 minutes of this pizza, my mom and I looked at each other..and we were sure that we had just eating the best that this world has to offer. It took some time for us to realize it...but I'm rock solid sure now. You must go to Chicago just to eat this pizza. It's the best substance that has ever been on my lips. Would I tell you a lie?

But, as most may already know, I am a health FANATIC. Despite me baking hundreds of pounds of cake/pastry/cookie products, I won't eat them. Or, I wil just take a bite. That's kind of my trademark line when we go out to eat. Can I have a bite? Can I taste that? Just a little nibble? These are a few of my common phrases. I'm the moocher of the family. Ehh, they can deal with it.
So, I ordered a plate of veggies to feel better about eating this heart-attack pizza slice. I'm sure it was more calories than I comsume in 10 days, but you know, it was worth it. It was so worth it. And...I even had some Candy Samples for dessert. Hehe, I'm so bad.

And then, right acros the street....was.......a.......TRADER JOE'S! The most wonderful and amazing store made of whole, natural, and organic products. They have them most wonderful little snacks and treats, but all are turned healthy. It might as well have been called Trader Lauren's. I'll get on that. Oh, they even had organic animal crackers! I was going to purchase them right until the time that I realized I had already had 45 pounds of samples in my posession. No animal crackers :(

Then, football got jealous. He got real jealous. He wanted to know why I hadn't taken his picture lately. I tried to tell him that I was holding him in my hand in that last picture, but he wanted more. So, I picked a color that would be good for his eyes, a there you go, football feels all better.

Last night in Chicago. Only one more day of Candy Expo Bliss. What an amazing trip this has been. I mean, look at the view of Chicago by night out of our hotel room balcony that I almost fell off of? I love it here. Why must it end?


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