Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vision of Heaven

I think I have found it...heaven on earth. Well, for me anyway. This is it people. The 2010 Sweets and Snacks Expo. Yes, this giant candy expo is ten football fields long of sweets and snacks. I found myself at home with the greatest in the candy business....and....people who are passionate about what they do...just like me. So the first picture of the day? Yes, the stairway to heaven..complete with starburst escalator. and..why isn't that in my house?

So, I give you the highlights of day one. Now, of course there is more...but I'd at least like to share a little teeny tiny bit!
Then, I saw it I started shaking. Shaking lots. My mother had to calm me down...but I didn't. It lasted for about seven hours.

The first thing of note? I saw this This was wonderful. A Christmas tree covered in chocolate ornaments. I don't know about you..but I'm pretty sure that this is a tree I wouldn't mind having it in my house!

Then, there were these. Yes, you can barely see what they are..so I will tell you. Giant marshmallows! About 4x the size of a normal marshmallow! These bags were unfortunately taped down...so we couldn't sneak them away. :(

Then I saw this giant cupcake. It was amazing. I was uncontrollably wonderful. Then, I met the most wonderful and cutest person ever, Gia Micheals. She's such a cutie, and her stuff is amazing. Her story is even more amazing!

There she is! She's so cute!
And then, it happened. This women right here is why I came to the show. Karen Tack from Hello Cupcake. Yes, you all know that book I'm obsessed with? Well, she, and Alan to my right, are responsible for this masterpiece. Well, I met them. They are both wonderful people. I kind of had a physco attack when she turned around and actually talked to me. See, I had a "portfolio" ready for her, just in case she would talk to me. Well, SHE DID! She loved the pictures, and she said that she would have so much fun looking at it tonight! Oh my gosh!
Was this really happening to me? and guess what..? I just have to tell you this story. She was showing us how to color sanding sugar, and she showed us the food coloring box, and she was like.."Oh yeah, I actually made those cookies on that box." Yeah, that's how cool that was. She's a food stylist. I'm pretty sure that shes exactly what I want to be when I grow up. And...she gave me her home email (which I'm not sharing! hehe) She told me I could ask her any question I wanted. Ohh! I'm just so excited! Could this change my life?!! hehe
Oh, and that's not the coolest thing about it. She let us make cupcakes!! Yes, she had a cupcake making stand set up...it was amazing. I made the lomein one from her cookbook. Isn't that broccoli the cutest thing ever! I think my mom said it aout 38 times today...haha.

And then, there was my mom's cupcake..hehehe...yeah...about that...um...good job mom? Haha, well to be fair, it did look alot nicer before she shoved it in her purse and it rolled around a few times. Bravo mommy. Way to.....try...haha.

Then there were the "samples." Ok, I know, I think I got a little too excited with the goodies. But, I'm pretty sure this picture describes me more than anything ever has. I'm pretty sure that we had about 25lbs. of it.
Yes, it's kind of like a tower. My devious look is pretty much how I felt all day. Guys, I'm not lying here...we spend 7 hours in the expo...and we still arn't done. Which means, there are many more samples to be had. So, there will be more. Lot's more. We actually need to check a second suitcase on the way home. Yeah, I know..it is pathetic.

A mound of deliciousness...that's the only way to describe how I'm feeling right now. More to come on the candy expo....lots more to come!


Queens Mama said...

OMG, you are adorable and I love your blog! So jealous of your trip to candy heaven!

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