Saturday, May 29, 2010

Waving Paradise Goodbye

This is the last picture of the most delightful event that I have ever taken part in. But, I thought that it was my duty to share some of the most outstanding parts of the expo.
Now, before I show you the lasting good impressions...I would like to show you the lasting not so good impressions. This, right up here was probably the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. Now, no offense to the lovely creator of this product because the intentions were decent. But, this just tastes like crap. It's called Cheaters. It's a liquid that is supposed to taste like different pastrys, pies, and cheesecake. I had the banana cream pie. Well, it tastes like banana cream crap. It was a neon yellow liquid that kind of looked like neon urine. Not my favorite. But hey, maybe for some people this is really great. So, try it...when it comes out in the nearest grocery store....IF it does.

So many wonderful pictures of candy bliss. To make specific note, take a look at that purple tree. I'm not sure about you...but if that was in my house..I wouldnt be upset. I love the idea of a candy tree. I can see it now, Christmas Candy Tree. Yes, yes, and yes. Some other pictures of note: a gian inflatable Smarties, and other pictures of candy heaven.

Ok lets talk about these pictures. There were some pretty amazing things at the expo but these things were over the top. The top left picture is a picture of masculinity. A Jack Links claw game. Even was free. I think mom and I played it six times. And, hold for applause, I won something. Yes, I won a beef jerky t-shirt. I'm so proud of it!

Then there was the jelly belly mona lisa. I think I stood and admired it for at least 10 minutes. It was amazing. I'm mean, who does that? I want to meet them.

Then there was the Pez motor-bike and last but least one of my favorite things at the show, called Sweets In Blossom. They take candy...and make a boquet out of it! AHHH! This is my type of boquet..let me tell you *hint for Jared* haha, it was wonderful...I drooled over them.

Then there was this odd jelly belly type blow up man. It was weird...but I needed a picture with it....and football. Football was getting jealous of all the attention that everyone else was getting. So, I thought that him and jelly man would be fast friends...turns is a drama queen.

Can we all use our eyes to see this picture. This is a giant Lindt chocolate bunny. I was overwhelmed at the site of it. It was like seeing one of the wonders of the world. It was truly a moving experience. So I needed to get all close and personal too the form of a bunny kiss. I love you Lindt Choco bunny. I love you.

And are the results. The results of this fabu-lash trip that I took with my mommy. It was the trip of a lifetime and nothing short of it. Apart from my nights spent on the bathroom floors...every single detail of this trip was fantastic. Hopefully I can go back someday. Maybe next time I'll be the one buying. I love you Chicago. I love you 55 pounds of samples.


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