Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whinnie the Pooh and Friends

Whinnie the Pooh. My favorite childhood pastime. But, this cake was actually made for a specific purpose. Let me tell the wonderful story. I got an email a week or two ago from an old friend. She had told me that she looved Miss Cupcake, and asked if it would be possible for her little daughter Leah could have a Miss Cupcake creation for her second birthday. What did I say? Well, Of course I jumped on the idea! I was so excited about this pooh cake that I researched for hours and hours, looking at different cakes and figures. It was soo fun, and please, don't remind me that I have no life. I know that already, haha.

Anyway, after I had figured out what I wanted to do, I got to work. Molding and shaping and having wayyy too much fun. Oh, but the fun didn't stop there. I completely forgot that the same weekend was our youth retreat! So, I devised a plan. I would employ my friend to roll and dye the fondant, and I could turn it into a giant "culinary adventure." You can thank Jared for that fabulous yellow color fondant of the pooh cake. I guess you could call him a fondant artist. So, here are the cakes! Enjoy! Ohh and I made two cakes, because she was turning too. Setting the standard quite high for years to come...wooops. Next week I'm making 80 cakes for my grandpa's birthday, haha.

As you can see, her name was Leah...which was cut out in pink fondant and attached to the front of the yellow cake.

PS. The cakes were marble (white and chocolate mixed) with my faaavoritee Magnolia Bakery Buttercream Frosting Recipe. Let me just tell you, I DID eat the scraps, and share them with my mother and friend who helped with the dirty work. I think we used more icing than we ate....but that in itself is in question.


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