Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wonderful World of Disney (Lauren Style)

Who would have thought? A magical world of sugar and delight. It seemed as if it had been made all for me. Let me just clear this up...I LOVED IT. As you can see in these little blurbs from my walk in Downtown Disney.

Yes, that is a giant castle made out of candy, and yes, I am hugging it. (I planned to never let go, brother didn't like that idea as much as I did.
My cupcake and cookie I was from here. As you can see in the top left hand corn was how my beautiful pink cupcake was supposed to look when I opened it up later that you didn't happen that way.

It just keeps getting better! That is a Mickey Mouse made out of rice krispy treats...ahhh!! And....for 45.95 it can be yours too!

The haven of all my joy and delight was found in this 6 foot high jelly bean "painting." I love these people.

If only candy was actually that size in real life....a girl can dream can't she?

I thought this was necessary.

A stop a Goofy's candy store unfortunately got me hooked on the cute Minnie Mouse baking section. Do you see that? A cupcake kit with Minnie on it! Hallelujah! I mean...I had to buy wasn't really an option!


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